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The strength of High Rocks lies in its staff: in each counselor’s unique talents and personality utilized through the combined effort of the staff working together. We are looking for a team of caring people who will share thoughts with each other, try new approaches, support one another, and are willing to be creative, energetic, responsible, and patient as they lead by example.

Each counselor shares various responsibilities: being aware of camper safety, organizing activities in camp and on trips out of camp, teaching specific skills, and supporting the campers’ growth. Male counselors live in a cabin with around six boys, ages 7-16. We act not only as teachers, but as friends, role models, and at times “parents.”

High Rocks expects a lot. We want all staff members to make being with campers their top priority. As campers mature and grow, they will look to us for guidance, both directly given and subtly implied. With this in mind, we want staff that offer themselves as natural, caring people, willing to listen to campers and to each other, willing to take time and to care for another individual. It is a great experience to become a part of the High Rocks family.

Our program offers instruction that caters to each camper’s individual level. Campers choose their activities and progress at their own pace. Counselors provide basic to advanced instruction in one or two of our 16 activity areas.



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