Camp High Rocks

Summer Camp for Boys in North Carolina

Camp High Rocks is a traditional boys’ Summer Camp in the North Carolina Mountains. We create a purposeful atmosphere based on four key pillars: community, adventure, leadership, and independence that is geared to a camper’s needs and interests. Aided by a well-trained staff we seek to teach and to inspire lasting skills and values.

  • High Rocks is in the midst of 1000 acres of camp-owned mountain woodland, with a ten-acre lake, at an elevation of three thousand feet.
  • Our boys summer camp focuses on the individual, with around 160 campers and 80 staff members. We want to create a sense of community and a “home away from home,” and are able to do this successfully with our small size.
  • Six to eight campers and a counselor live in each cabin. Our program is divided into age-group units where the boys gather for many activities and special programs take place.
  • Every summer camp for boys is different.  While we do not claim to be the best camp in North Carolina, we do an exceptional job with everything you will see here. Over 90% of our boys attend two or more years.
  • We encourage you to read more about us to find out why Camp High Rocks has been of vital importance to so many boys for over 60 years.


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Eve Gloede
~ Parent ~

The best investment we are making in our son is letting him spend a few precious weeks every summer at High Rocks. He always returns to us with more confidence and a kinder spirit. We are forever grateful for the amount of leadership and love you all pour into these young men every summer. It matters- and it shows.