Camp High Rocks

An all boys summer camp, where adventure meets growth in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Family Run, Founded in 1958

Camp High Rocks is a private, overnight summer camp nestled in Brevard, North Carolina for boys ages 7-16. Our camp offers a technology-free experience, away from societal pressures, allowing each camper to embrace their true potential. Camp High Rocks is a place for boys to grow, be brave, and build independence.

Boys Camp Pottery

Our Core Values Drive Growth

Camp High Rocks creates a purposeful atmosphere based on four key pillars: Community, Adventure, Leadership, and Independence, that is geared to a camper’s needs and interests. Aided by a well-trained staff, our mission extends beyond the campfire, aiming to impart lasting skills and instill values that ignite a lifelong journey of growth and success.

Exceptional Activities

Try new activities and develop extensive skills through our progression based program. There is no shortage of adventure, growth, and fun at Camp High Rocks!


Why Choose Camp High Rocks?

With our smaller size, beautiful property, and focus on skill progression, our program has been chosen by many families year after year as their son’s “home away from home.”

Select Your Session

Catering to all ages, High Rocks has 1, 2, 3, and 4-Week session options. Find the right dates and session for you. 


“High Rocks knows boys. They know young men who thrive on adventure and are looking to climb on large open rock faces or canoe down a whitewater river. They know young men who are quieter and are looking for a space in a pottery room to mold and shape clay and talk about the world with a mentor counselor who loves kids.”

Sumner McCallie • Camp Parent

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