Meals At Camp

Food is crucial to a great camp experience. At Camp High Rocks, we want to make sure our campers enjoy plenty of delicious food!  If you ask around, you will hear firsthand how good our food is.

We spend a good deal of time planning the menus, testing, selecting the best food choices, and making items available that promote healthy choices.

Summer Camp Food

  • We serve buffet style, allowing campers to feel more in control of their own food choices.
  • Our food service is run by us. We do not farm out to an outside group. We hire our own chef and kitchen staff.
  • We get a lot of our produce from a local market just down the road.
  • Our menus appeal to many needs including those with special dietary restrictions.
  • If your son has a birthday during camp, we will celebrate it! Read more here.

Calvin LOVES the food. For a month before going to camp, he talked about how good the food is and how much he was going to eat. I thought I’d never hear my child say he loves kale salad! 

Sharon S. • Camp Parent

What We Serve

Typically at breakfast, there are several choices of cereal and fruit along with other hot items that vary from day to day. Lunch and dinner typically have a salad bar with different choices in addition to hot items. We also ask the boys to take a vegetable (at least a little) of some sort at lunch and dinner.

As a community, we want to challenge campers to think about and take responsibility for their actions which includes food waste.  With campers controlling how much food they take, we discuss with them the importance of taking only what you think you can eat. Campers can go back for as many servings as they like, but we ask them to eat what is on their tray first since they control what they take.  We want the boys to try do their best and understand it is a learning process we all continuing work at.

Dietary & Allergy Information

While we can accommodate many dietary concerns and allergies, it is important to contact our office to discuss these matters ahead of time to be sure we can work it out.

We are conscious of the ingredients that are contained in our meals in regards to allergens.  Dining Hall meals typically have common allergens noted.  Campers and staff should be aware of the risk of cross-contamination that can occur in and around camp meals in the dining hall and out of camp trips.

Take a look at our Menus!

Below is a great example of our camp menus for the summer. While campers often find new foods to try, it is important when looking through our sample menus there are food options each camper is willing to eat.

After looking through our menus, if you have any questions please give us a call. We are happy to chat about food at camp including options for selective eaters and specific food allergies.

Sam loves the food, one favorite is the pita pizza. As a family, we appreciate your “take what you want, but eat what you take” approach! 

Krista G. • Camp Parent