Our Program

We design our program based around campers needs with a focus on FUN and personal growth.

More Than Just A Summer Camp

Our camp program allows campers to pick their activities to pursue at camp. We run over 15 activities, along with evening programs, and spectacular special activities. Whether it’s conquering the climbing wall or casting a line into the lake, we blend skill-building with pure fun. Our campers are encouraged to have new experiences and select activities they are excited about while we make the learning all part of the fun. 

Our Junior Camp (1 Week) activities and daily schedule run a bit differently. Check out the activities and daily schedule tailored just for them here.


Built for Kids

For our campers, High Rocks is the highlight of their summer. They talk about their new friends, that cool out-of-camp trip, stargazing as a cabin group, or those delicious Sunday morning cinnamon rolls. What they don’t mention, but we can see happening, is that boys love camp because it is an environment specifically crafted for them. Our progression, challenge by choice, and focus on individual goals, are crafted for campers to succeed and thrive at camp.

Progression-Based Activities​

At camp, we frame progression in activities as an individual journey. With well trained staff and support from peers, campers work to progress in their activities.


Non-Competitive Atmosphere

Competition takes a backseat here. Our philosophy of promoting a non-competitive atmosphere is the core of High Rocks. We feel it is important that every boy who attends camp challenges himself by setting goals in the activity area and then working to achieve those goals. 

We believe in creating an environment where each boy can succeed. Our core values of community, adventure, leadership, and independence lead our camp philosophy.

Challenge By Choice

At Camp High Rocks, we subscribe to the powerful philosophy “challenge by choice,” which means we encourage campers to participate and try new things, but the choice is ultimately theirs. It allows for campers to choose how far they step outside their comfort zones. It also creates an opportunity for learning about setting goals that are in their stretch zone, where a great deal of personal growth happens. Of course camp is fun, but it is about more than that – challenge by choice gives campers agency and power that later in life will help them make the right decisions.

“The “challenge by choice” model is great for every child, whether they are daring and bold, or take a little longer to warm up to things. High Rocks provides a safe environment for them to learn new skills and gain confidence, all while having the time of their lives.”

Walker D. • First Year Parent

Our daily schedules allows for campers to settle in quickly.


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