Trunks For Camp

We recommend campers pack for camp using a trunk (soft-sided trunk or traditional footlocker) and a duffle bag. The duffle is perfect for bedding, extra sheets, and other soft items like towels. This will be tucked away once everyone is unpacked. The trunk will be what the boys live out of as their “dresser.”

Buying Trunks

Please keep the trunk/footlocker size to no larger than 14 inches high and 36 inches wide. EverythingSummerCamp sells high-quality trunks. Through our High Rocks page, you should receive a discount on trunks at checkout. We suggest “Pop-Up Soft Camp Trunk” or “Happy Camper Trunk.”

There are many less expensive versions, including plastic-style trunks now on the market that will work for one or two summers.

Baggage & Trunk Shipping

Shipping To Camp: Trunks can be brought to camp in your car, on the plane, or shipped by UPS, FedEx, or other courier services TO Camp High Rocks (1234 High Rocks Road, Brevard NC 28712). 

However, due to the continuing unpredictability of airlines and luggage handling at airports, we strongly recommend that trunks be shipped to High Rocks. Please note that UPS does not cover damages to a trunk/duffel unless it is in a separate container; only the “contents” of what is being shipped will be insured. Read more here about flying to camp.

Shipping Home: If you plan on having your son’s trunk shipped home, please only use the UPS form below to ship trunks home. We do not accept labels printed off by you, pre-paid labels, or store trunk cardboard boxes. We work with the UPS store in town and will deliver your trunk and/or duffle to the store on or after closing day for shipment. If you decide to ship, please let our office know so we can deliver your item(s) to the UPS store.

UPS Form to Fill Out: 2024 Shipping Form

The UPS Store | Brevard
102 College Station Dr. Ste 3, Brevard, NC 28712
Phone(828) 883-4701

Picking up and then flying home?

If you plan to pick up your son from camp and then fly home, we highly recommend bringing an extra bag with you. Packing to head back home is often a tough task and campers’ items tend to have multiplied. An extra, foldable bag will help with all the odds and ends.