Is Your Child Ready?

Read these 6 signs!

Knowing when your child is ready for sleepaway camp isn’t always as simple as hitting a certain age or milestone. Not all children are ready for camp at the same time. Here are a few signs that your camper is ready and will thrive at summer camp. 

Your Child:

  • Has had successful sleepover experiences away from home. Your camper has stress-free experience with babysitters or family friends at night who can successfully put him to bed.
  • Can take care of his basic routines and personal hygiene. This includes showering on his own, brushing his teeth, changing clothes, and applying sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Is comfortable telling adults about his needs. He can report not feeling well or injuries such as cuts and insect bites. If he’s a little shy at first, but usually soon finds someone he trusts, that also works well. If he’s often nervous about telling adults that he needs help, then he might not be ready for camp.
  • Can make new friends. How easily does your child make friends?  This doesn’t mean they never experience shyness or that they must have a lot of friends. Some kids have smaller groups of friends, and that works for them.
  • Is open to trying new foods.  We can work with picky eaters, get in contact with us first so we can make a game plan to support your camper.
  • Has been involved in the decision and is open to the idea of attending overnight camp. Does your child want to go to camp?

If your child is not yet fully comfortable with all of these items, the school year is a great time to start practicing these skills. Attending sleepovers, introducing more independence during shower time, and trying new foods are great ways to start campers towards a path that will make the transition to camp easier.

If your child can complete all 6 of these signs, then he is ready for camp! They will likely easily adapt to being away from home and thrive at camp. Registration for summer opens in mid-August each year.