Whitewater Kayaking

Kayaking At Summer Camp

By first building a foundation of skills in tandem canoeing, we ensure that all campers who elect to move into solo boating are equipped with not only the strokes necessary for success, but also the safety principles and river awareness required for tackling rivers in a smaller, more maneuverable craft. Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment associated with setting a personal goal and moving through a planned progression of skills pays huge dividends in self-confidence and reinforces the challenge-by-choice philosophy central to our mission.


Learn How to Whitewater Kayak

Campers start on slower, gentler rivers and are offered the challenge of increasingly difficult river trips as they improve their whitewater kayaking skills. Each kayaker’s progression is inherently personal and our staff work to understand the goals of each camper in the program so that they are taught at a pace which develops their abilities safely and successfuly.


“High Rocks is a place you grow personally. You learn to deal with adversity, you learn to live with people, you learn how to share. It’s a community.”

Fritz Orr • Former Camper and Paddling Director