Travel Schedule

Our Fall and Spring schedule.

In the fall and spring of each year, we will have a mix of virtual and live gatherings! Learn more about Camp High Rocks, meet camp directors, and current campers from the comfort of your own home or at a host family home in a town located near you.

In-Person Events

If you have questions about High Rocks or have a child that is interested in going to camp next year, or a few years down the road, we’d love to meet you and your son in person! These events will allow you to connect with full-time Camp High Rocks staff, see a glimpse of non-stop fun and adventure, and hear answers to frequently asked questions.

Our in-person events have concluded for Summer 2024.
In the Fall, we will plan to go to Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Charleston, Augusta, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Belleair, Chattanooga, New Orleans, Austin, Dallas, Houston, and other cities will continue to be added. Get added to our list and we will email you when we are in your city!

Zoom Events

We schedule Zoom Events regularly through the off-season. Check back here for upcoming events this spring or add yourself to the list below for an email announcment! We can also do a personal zoom with you and your family. Email office@highrocks.com to request one.