What to Bring to Camp

Packing for camp can be a great experience with your campers. We get many questions regarding packing, and have done our best to give our best tips and advice below.

Packing List for Camp

The best place to start is by downloading our packing list below. Take out the worry of trying to remember what to pack and how much with our lists.
(2024 Lists Updated in March)

Tips and Top Advice

We recommend plain, durable clothes that are washable rather than those which require dry cleaning. Please do not send expensive clothes, or new, unwashed clothes. We try our best, but camp life is not easy on designer clothing! 

Camp High Rocks does not have a required uniform.

We also find it helpful for parents of younger campers to review where these items are located in the trunk once it is packed. Find information on camp trunks here.


Laundry is a weekly service which we provide at no additional charge to campers. This service is provided in our sessions longer than one-week on Sundays. Please only send items that can go through a regular wash cycle.

Clothing Labels:

It is important that all items of clothing and equipment be marked with the camper’s FULL name. Sharpies work well, as do high-quality clothing labels. Please label everything you would like to see return home, including shoes, towels, sleeping bags, equipment, etc.

Mabel’s Labels is a great resource for tagging/labeling your items. 

Cool Nights:

Be aware that this area of North Carolina is often cool, even in the summer, and especially in June. Our days are usually mild, with nights requiring two or three blankets. We recommend layers! Check out our camp store for great sweatshirt blankets for sale.

Bed-Wetting or Enuresis:

Some boys, especially the younger ones, have occurrences of enuresis (bed-wetting) at camp. The change in climate can be one attributing factor. If your son has a known or anticipated pattern of enuresis, we would appreciate if you could let us know in advance. We request that he bring a protective sheet, and also suggest that he bring at least two extra bed sheets. 

Sleeping Bags, Raincoats, & Backpacks:

Personal camping gear should include a lightweight sleeping bag with a stuff sack. Every session will need a sleeping bag for their on-camp overnight. The sleeping bag should have synthetic fiber fill like Polarguard or Quallofill. Down-filled or cotton-filled sleeping bags are not recommended.

A coated nylon, Gore–Tex, or waterproof poncho or raincoat is necessary at camp. Thin plastic ponchos or raincoats often do not survive even the first rainstorm. We also recommended a quick-dry towel for those extra rainy days.

Basic overnight backpacks are available at camp for all sessions at no additional cost. There is little backpacking in the one-week and two-week sessions, so don’t worry about high-tech gear for that session. Each camper should bring a small day backpack to carry around their towel, water bottle, and etc. from activity to activity. Nothing fancy needed for the day pack!


Please Do Not Bring:

Camp High Rocks is a safe environment for campers to be themselves and enjoy the outdoors. We find that certain items can detract from this environment. Campers do not need and should not bring a knife or axe to camp. Campers should not bring any food, candy, lighters, matches, knives, water guns, balloons, aerosol or spray cans, trading cards, or electronic items of any sort. We also ask the campers not bring any type of hammock including Enos to camp. 

The use of tobacco, alcohol and non-prescribed drugs will not be permitted among campers.  Please do not bring alcohol, drugs, tobacco, nicotine products (including e-cigarettes, vaping products, or JUULS, smoking or vaping paraphernalia and devices). If your child brings any of these items to camp, you will be contacted immediately to discuss next steps including possible dismissal.


High Rocks is UNPLUGGED! Camp offers an opportunity for campers to experience day to day living free of the distraction of electronics. Campers should NOT bring any electronics such as iPods, MP3 players, electronic readers, laptops, electronic games, televisions, cameras, video players, video recorders, cell phones, smart phones or any other wireless devices. Camp will provide opportunities for listening to music during the day at appropriate times with camp equipment. Read more about our Electronics Policy here.

Gear/Equipment Resources:

There are several excellent sources for equipment. Some of our personal preferences include, but certainly are not limited to:

During Session Camp Store

Each camper has $125 to use at the camp store. A $125 deposit will be added to each camper’s February bill. They will not need physical money at camp. The camp store is open most days before lunch. The camp store has necessary items like toiletries, writing supplies, and flashlights. It also has a few fun items like disc golfs, t-shirts, and stickers. At the end of the session, if your son has not spent his full camp store deposit, we will refund you the leftover amount minus any extra charges like lost and found shipping or camper email costs.