Camp Blog

Our Camp Directors, typically Don Gentle and Woody Noland, post a daily blog each evening that covers the day’s events, highlights from trips, weather updates, and other news from camp. You can find our blog post at the link below. This is a great way to follow along with your camper’s day and is a good starting point for your letters!

Camper Photos

Our photographers work hard to capture the essence of each camp day through pictures, which we will share via our photo website every night throughout the sessions!  While we strive to publish a shot of each camper every day, please understand that with trips out of camp, special programs, and 14 activities to observe, we cannot guarantee that every camper will be featured every night.  To increase your camper’s chances of being in the nightly gallery, coach him to hop in front of the camera when he sees a photographer. 

Access to the daily photo slideshow is free, although the gallery is password-protected.  We’ll set you up with a personalized username and password, which you are welcome to share with friends and relatives so they may keep up with the photos, too! Login information will be sent on Opening Day.

Highlights Resolution Downloads
If you would like to download high-resolution copies of the photos on the blog to make prints or to post on social media, you may purchase a subscription to do so through the online camp store. 


Picture Gallery Help

Registration & Login

On Opening Day afternoon, our new camper families will receive login details to the preferred email on file. Check your spam/junk folder if you do not see it. You have to be logged in to see photos. If you are not logged in, you will only see a blank page with no photo albums. 

After you get the login sorted, below are some details to help you figure out all the features while using a desktop computer or laptop.  The mobile guide (phones and tablets) is in the next section.

Subscription Download

To download high-quality pictures, you need to have paid for a download subscription. It was available at the pre-order store before camp.  This will give you access to all of the high-definition downloads for the season.  If you have signed up for a subscription you will see the icon with the down arrow in the picture above. 

Need a subscription?  Contact the office at (office@highrocks.com) to get the high-resolution downloads order on our online camp store.  The fee is only $45.00 (+ tax) for the session’s photos.

Sharing Your Favorites: You can either click download for those who have purchased or can always right-click to save a picture that is good enough for the screen, but not good enough to print.  You are welcome to share your favorites on social media. Tell the world how awesome High Rocks is for your son!

Desktop Gallery

Below are the details if you are on a computer.
A phone and tablet are similar, but may have different menus.

Top Toolbar

The toolbar at the top of the gallery has a lot of navigation and links to all the pictures and details. Including the different albums, your favorites, Tags, and other picture statistics. You will see three drop downs: albums, discover, and your name/identification. 

  • Albums
    • Click on one of the Albums on the main screen or choose “Albums” at the top that corresponds to your session.
    • On the next page, click on the day you want to look at pictures.
    • You will then see a window pane appearance that shows a preview of each picture.  Click on the image to see the whole view.
    • Album Slideshow: The little play icon above the images on the album toolbar starts a slideshow. To exit, hit the “X” out at the top right.
  • Discover
    • Allows your to see different options like your favorites, most visited pictures, most recently posted, and more.
    • Your Favorites: You can look down on the Picture Page section to learn how to “favorite” a picture. IMPORTANT: When viewing your favorites, DO NOT hit the broken heart that looks very similar to the “add favorite” heart… It will remove all of your favorites.
  • Identification – This is your login information. You change our password here.

Picture Page

This is where all the excitement is located. Once you click on an image, you will come to the picture/image page. You can use the navigation above the image or use the carousel at the bottom to look at others. 

You can leave comments on any photos – we love reading what families are excited about! We will approve them and share them with the High Rocks family. Only people with logins with see comments.

  • 1st Icon: The first icon is the previous photo
  • 2nd Icon: The “up arrow” icon will take you back to the gallery screen.
  • 3rd Icon: The two arrows facing opposite will take it to the Fullscreen/slideshow.  You can “x” out of this to go back to the image information like tagging, favorites, and comments.
  • 4th Icon: The last icon takes you to the next photo.

Below is a list explaining each icon as it is listed in order from left to right. You can also roll over any icon to get a description.

  • Picture Size: Choose between two different sizes to display.
  • Play Slideshow: This will play the album in slideshow mode. You can hit the “X” on the top left of the slideshow page to close it. You cannot tag, favorite, download, or comment while the page is on the full screen or slideshow. Once you “X” out you can go to the picture you want.
  • Download Picture: If you do not see this icon with a “down arrow” then see the “Subscription Download” below. You can still “right-click” to save a low-quality version of the image.  This is okay for social media, etc., but not great for printing or big images on a screen.
  • Favorite: Click on the heart to save this picture to your favorites.  If it is already in your favorites, the desktop version shows a solid heart.  Under Discover, you can see all of your favorite pictures. IMPORTANT: DO NOT hit the broken heart that looks very similar to the “add favorite” heart. It will remove all of your favorites.
  • Face Tag/ Name That Mug: This is a tagging feature is still in the works, but you can try to tag a name on the picture if you like. Some browsers work better than others.

Mobile Gallery

Below are the details for getting around the gallery on your phone or tablet.  The address is the same, but the experience is a little different with touchscreen-like details and different navigation menus. 

  • Menus: All the menus are still at the top, they are just hidden in a small block in the top right corner.  It has three lines on it (three lines or a hamburger menu).  This will drop down the Albums, Specials, Menu, Links, and Identification Menus.
  • Pick Your Session: On the main screen, you can still just swipe down the page to find your session and then pick the day from there.
  • Gallery of the Day: Once you get to the gallery of the day, you can just swipe down to see the pictures in a vertical carousel. 
    • Double tap in this carousel view to get to an individual image. Click the menu (three lines or hamburger menu) to see options like slideshow, download (if you paid for the subscription), add to favorites, or the smug mug tag features.
  • Slideshow: Right next to the gallery name, you can hit that small menu block to hit the play button to start the slideshow. 
    • Hit the arrows to maximize the screen and I find this to be the best way to view on the phone.   
    • Once the slideshow is going, you can also swipe through the pictures going left or right.
    • You cannot do any of the menu items in the slideshow. “X” out or hit the “stop slideshow” to  see the hamburger menu again.  That is the menu dropdown to get you to all the options. 

Picture Page

  • On the mobile picture page, you can pull the small menu block down to tag, and favorite your images.
  • Navigation is the same as the desktop experience.
  • Tag a Picture with a Name: Look for the small icon that looks like a dude with a hat.  Click on that icon, then click on the image.  Type in a name and then hit the green save box on the top left of the picture.  Boom! the next time you start typing the name, it comes up again to select.
  • On mobile, there is also a carousel at the bottom to keep scrolling through the pictures.
  • The download option is still the same as it is on the desktop experience, click on the words “download photo” below the picture.
  • You can also see comments or make comments from the picture page.