Archery is one of our most popular activities among campers! Campers come back year after year to sharpen their skills and achieve personal bests. Interested in Archery? Campers, can expect qualified, motivated staff who are excited to teach. We will start with the fundamentals of shooting target arrows from a recurved bow while providing a framework for continuous improvement.

As campers meet their goals and personal benchmarks, our staff chart their progress and move the target farther back to enhance their challenge and increase the fun. Campers shoot up to 50 yards away!


Archery Range

With the help of our archery staff, we constructed a range that allows multiple campers to shoot at the same time at different distances. It has a 50-yard maximum shooting distance and provides shade for those warmer camp days.

Archery’s scoring system follows the levels set by the National Archery Association. As campers progress in their skills, they learn the importance of respect, integrity, and patience integral to the sport of archery.  Additionally, our range offers bows in a range of sizes, ensuring that campers of all statures and ability levels have access to equipment suited to their needs.


Having a boy who isn’t as athletic as others his age, I appreciate that Luke was challenged to try new things without any type of pressure. He made friends, loved the food and his counselor and had a great experience!

Staci M. • First Year Parent