Tennis instruction at High Rocks focuses on the development of fundamental skills and having fun!  Many campers come to High Rocks with prior experience and a great love for the game, but the style of our program differs from more competition-focused programs.  We provide an exciting, safe environment for campers to learn the game of tennis through skill-building activities and games.  We also work with more experienced campers to improve their game and perfect elements of their groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and doubles play.


Our Courts

Our courts are top of the line. We have three hard courts recently resurfaced that allow for multiple matches and games to be played at the same time.

Camper Counselor Tournament

With great history, this time-honored event has gone on for decades and only happens in our July Four Week. Camper-counselor pairs match up to play against other pairs. A large part of the event is cheering and supporting your friends playing.  The final match is played in front of all of camp with everyone cheering the pairs on. It is a laid back, fun event with many counselors needing coaching from their campers on the tennis rules! 


The independence and confidence these boys learn in a few short weeks is invaluable. They learn such important life lessons while “playing” at camp. And the staff could not be better. They are encouraging and so fun. Andrew’s favorite weeks of the entire year!

Katie W. • Camp Parent