Preparing For Camp

Embarking on a camp adventure can stir up a mix of excitement and nervousness for both campers and parents. Whether it's your first time or your tenth, read through our guide below to help you prepare.

Camper Prep:

Camp life is an adjustment for most children. Here are a few ideas to help your son feel more comfortable before he arrives.

  • Prepare for rest hour. Each day campers have one-hour of down time after lunch. Campers will read, write home, play a quiet game of cards with their cabinmates. Get a few practice sessions in at home!
  • Chat about camp food. Walk through our menus together and test a few options out at home. If you have allergy questions, give us a call!
  • Start learning our songbook via Spotify! Jam out in the carpool line together.

Parent Prep

  • Be ready to talk about camp! Read through our homesickness advice for great ways to talk about camp prior to arrival.
  • Read through our “Current Families” section of the website – it is a wealth of knowledge that can answer many of your questions. 
  • Plan for missing your camper. It is natural to miss him, and know he is growing/having fun at camp. Read through this Kidsickness Article. Take the time to treat yourself to some adventure, fun, and quality friend time while your child is doing the same at camp!
  • Write letters ahead of time. We suggest dropping one or two letters in the mail before he even arrives. And share the the mailing address (P.O. Box 210, Cedar Mountain NC 28718) with friends and family. Read about communicating during camp here.