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Pancake Saturday!

Today’s Pictures  The morning started out delightfully with hundreds of scratch-made pancakes with compliments of bacon, fresh-cut fruit and berries, hash browns off the griddle (just like Waffle House), yogurt, assorted cereals, and of course syrup and honey!  You can’t … »

Here Comes The Weekend!

Today’s Pictures  I really do enjoy the quiet of the morning here at High Rocks. You see a few staff up early or exercise but for the most part, it is still.   I like to take a few minutes on … »

Summer in The Mountains

Today’s Pictures It was a perfect summer day in the mountains.  You might even say it was a typical day in the mountains.  We had a cool morning that moved into a sunny day, followed by a short afternoon shower, … »

Exactly What We Need

Today’s Pictures  Today was another themed shirt day. I am sure you will appreciate our Hawaiian themed shirt day known as Waikiki Wednesday. These two rocked the themed even as they were heading out on their overnights tonight. This morning … »

Living The Camp Life

Today’s Pictures It’s almost not fair to others how much fun we are having.  Life at camp feels like home. I have enjoyed watching the boys finding their way, having fun, and mostly enjoying being around each other. While it … »