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Adventure Is Important

Monday morning was a busy one out of the gates. We had a number of trips heading out in all sorts of directions, including our 5-day upper senior hike to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. It is one of the Nations’ … »

Olympic Sunday

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s in our community! Thank you for sharing your boys with us! It was a wonderful morning! Our theme for the day was The Olympics. An all-camp event that involves a number of … »

One Fine Saturday

While we do not need to long for the weekend like most of the world outside of camp, the weekends do bring us all back together. ┬áDuring the week we run in a lot of different directions, so it feels … »

Friday Campmercials

The best part of my day started in assembly this morning.  I need to get up front from time to time just to remember why I love it so much.  What if we all got up each morning and shared … »

The Capsize

Just another beautiful day here at The Rocks. We woke up to a blustery 55 degrees this morning accompanied by a beautiful breeze and pleasant sun. It was a great way to start the day. A warm breakfast with scrambled … »