Communication During Camp

There are a few different ways we will stay in touch with you during the summer session. You will receive correspondence from camp in the form of letters from your son’s counselor, a newsletter from our directors, and daily blogs/photos posted online.

If a question or concern about your camper comes up, please do not hesitate to give us a call or email. We are happy to give you an update on how he is adjusting to camp. 

As we work with campers, if we feel that your camper is struggling, we will reach out to you. For example, we may ask for a supportive letter for a camper who is working through homesickness. If there are ever any changes to the camp schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you by e-mail or phone to let you know of any alternate plans. Likewise, parents will be contacted if their camper spends the night in the Health Center or is seen by a physician.


Your camper will not have access to technology as we are an “unplugged” program. Campers can communicate home via written letters sent through the mail. 

While some boys are more prolific writers than others, we will make sure that each boy writes at least one letter from camp.


For families and friends, you are welcome to write your camper while he is at camp. Campers love snail mail! In letters sent from you to your son at camp, it is generally best to ask about the camper’s experience or to comment on what he has already written. Numerous references to home, family, pets, or saying “we miss you” can turn a borderline case of homesickness into a full-fledged outbreak. Check out our Homesickness Page to find more details.

Camp’s Mailing Address

U.S. Mail – This is the best address to use when sending letters to your camper. Please address it with his first and last name.
P.O. Box 210
Cedar Mountain, NC 28718

UPS/FedEx – This is the best address to use when shipping trunks or other items to camp. (Please check our package policy below before doing so.)
1234 High Rocks Road
Brevard, NC 28712


The speedy way to get a message to your camper is to send it by email. You may email your son at: “camper@highrocks.com”.

Please review our email guidelines below. Keep an eye on our printing deadline! We print out all emails by 11:30 am and deliver them with the regular mail at 12:30 pm.


Emails and mail are not delivered on Sundays. Anything emailed in on Sunday will be printed on Monday for delivery. Please put the camper’s first name and last name in the subject line. For example, Mark Smith’s email would be addressed to camper@highrocks.com with Mark Smith, as the subject. There is a $1 charge to his store account for each email received. Campers cannot send emails as they do not have access to technology. They will respond with written letters home!

Any emails with inappropriate content will not be delivered. Emails are printed in black and white, with no color. If you add an image, please limit it to one. There may be an additional $1 charge for images depending on the size and paper needed. Please let siblings and family members know our policies!


While we welcome letters and postcards from home, Camp High Rocks has a NO PACKAGE POLICY.

We feel that packages interfere with the camp experience and that the focus on their contents can lead to unintentional competition within the cabin groups and sometimes even hurt other campers’ feelings. 


Flat envelopes for sending such items as a magazine or newspaper articles are permitted. Any other packages we receive will be held for pickup on Closing Day or returned to sender. Please let friends and family know.

Forgotten Items: NECESSARY items such as a camper’s forgotten shoes, tennis racquet, extra glasses, etc., may be sent to your child c/o Office Manager. Any medications should be sent to the attention of the Camp Nurse. Please email office@highrocks.com to let Darby know a package is on the way.

Food: We request that you do not enclose any gumcandy, or food with the cards or letters. Please explain this request to your son before he departs for camp. We have plenty of food options, scheduled snacks throughout the day, and great desserts available! Interested in what we serve? Check out our Meals At Camp Page!

Keep scrolling for info on Birthday Packages! 


Birthdays At Camp High Rocks

We love celebrating birthdays at camp! Your camper’s birthday will be celebrated in camp style with a special cake made for their cabin and a slightly off-key version of “Happy Birthday” sung by the whole dining hall at lunch.

You are welcome to mail or drop off on Opening Day birthday packages. We ask that no food, shaving cream, balloons, or water guns are inside of the package. Often a game that he can play with everyone in the cabin is a hit. When mailing, please make sure to address it to your camper and put his birthday on the outside of the box.

Questions? Give us a call at (828)885-2153! We are happy to share gift ideas.