Sailing is offered as an instructional activity and as a free-time activity for those who make sailing a part of their daily activity rotation. Our eleven-acre lake is large enough for boaters to enjoy a windy day, but small enough that our sailors are never too far from shore.

In class, the campers start by learning the crucial skills of rigging and de-rigging their sailboats.  After the boys have mastered the requisite knots, our staff teach them the principles of sailing up and downwind.  Most campers will agree, however, that their favorite day in sailing is “pirate day,”  during which staff guide the boys through capsizing and righting their sailboats.


Our Lake

With 11 acres, campers have ample room to practice. Sailing shares the lake with canoeing and kayaking adding in even better practice on working around others.

Every day, weather permitting, campers are out on the water practicing their skills zipping back and forth across the water. For boys who love sunshine, sparkling water, and a stiff breeze, sailing makes a great activity choice.

Campers in sailing will also make use of our paddle boards. For a fun add in, the boys will use the paddle boards to roam around the lake and play together.


“This is really a family away from family here. I mean, you can be here and be who you are and not have to push to be anyone different.”

Charlie • Camper