There are few places better than camp to be introduced to firearm handling and shooting due to the safe, controlled environment created by our staff.  Our riflery program at High Rocks teaches campers vital safety procedures and practices, coaches improved accuracy and technique, and ensures that the overall focus is on fun and personal development.


Our Range

Located on the edge of the main camp, our range allows for multiple campers to safely shoot at one time with staff right by their side assisting. 

In our six position outdoor range, campers learn the complexities of match style shooting with our Olympic-class precision air-rifles.  Under the guidance of specially trained staff, campers work through a progression of shooting positions and targets while range staff chart their development as a marksman.  Best of all, however, are the games which put the boys’ skills to the test.  These offer a fun and different incentive for accurate shooting, and always elicit big smiles from the boys.


As a parent, I appreciate all the fun he has there, but I also appreciate the growth I see in him every year in regards to personal responsibility. Each year after camp, I find Skyler more mature than when he began camp.

Alexandra B. • Returning Parent