Disc Golf

Disc golf is a fantastic recreational sport that mirrors traditional golf but uses frisbee-like discs instead of clubs and balls. Disc golf is increasing in popularity throughout the country and at Camp High Rocks. With its emphasis on outdoor play and friendly competition, disc golf is the perfect camp activity!

Our 18-hole course offers ample opportunities for campers to hone their throwing accuracy, learn new techniques, and develop strategic thinking. In addition to playing the course, campers will learn and practice through different drills and playful games.


Our Discs

At Camp High Rocks, we sell and use Innova Discs. While campers are welcome to bring their own, we will provide different Innova Discs for campers to use and practice with. Each Disc flies a little differently and adjusting to them adds just the right amount of challenge. 

Can You Play During Choice Period?

The answer is yes! Our Disc Golf course is open and many campers will grab a group of friends to play 9 or 18 holes with. It is one of our most popular choice period and free time activities.


We like High Rocks because of your focus on outdoor skills and a sense of adventure. We also appreciate how you simultaneously foster the wild, playful side of campers while still holding them accountable for being good citizens and respecting each other and their surroundings.

Ben S. • First Year Parent