Simply put, our campers love to fish on our 11 acre lake! Fishing is one of our fastest growing activities. It is offered as a daily instructional activity and as a free-time activity. Using single barbless hooks, campers learn such skills as how to bait and cast, reel in their catch, and help develop fish habitat. They learn how to care for their rod and reel along with different types of fishing rigs and set ups for different fish and baits. 


Our Fish

Our eleven-acre lake is stocked with largemouth bass and bream (bluegill).  In 2003, a ten-year-old boy landed a 10-pound, 2-ounce bass! An older camper and a staff member both landed a 10-pound, 4-ounce bass in 2023. Our fisherman keep striving to match those records.

While any fisherman knows that there are no guarantees in fishing, our staff work with each individual camper, whether a novice or advanced angler, to make sure that they have the skills they need in order to catch and land a fish. 

As campers advance, they can head out to different parts of the lake including taking out one of our fishing kayaks along with learning new techniques as they try to land a big catch.


I went there as a camper for many years and we’ve done family camp in addition to sending my son. The facilities are fantastic and it is comforting the camp has been family run since the beginning. Seeing overlapping faces from when I was young gives me comfort my son will have the same wonderful experiences that I did.

Michael A. • Alumni Parent