Camp High Rocks summer camp in the North Carolina Mountains

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1958 - 1960

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  • First season of camp- one boys' session and one girls' session. There were only two cabins the first year- Connestee and Lakeside.
  • The campfire area was where the dining hall now stands; crafts was held in Hillside cabin (on the site of the current lodge).
  • The dining hall was in what is now the director's residence. The house also served as the lodge, infirmary, and office.
  • The first year there were so few campers (20) that we were able to all fit in the back of the camp truck and go to a drive-in movie. - Terrell Garrard
  • The camp "fleet" consisted of four wooden Oldtown canoes.
  • The first several years of camp featured a "camper work plan" with credits for campers that assisted with building the barn, shelters, docks, etc.


  • (Girls' session) Three girls- Alice Gordon Chalmers, Alice Gann, and Susan Briggs were trying to "short sheet" all the beds in camp while the rest of the campers were watching the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Sisters" in the lodge. The prank took an unfortunate turn when Alice Gordon stepped on a copperhead and was bitten. Since then, Alice Gordon has religiously used her flashlight when outside at night (she has been known to try to "short sheet" beds since her encounter). Alice Gordon had the distinction of being the only person at camp bitten by a poisonous snake until 1996 when Troy Matthews, a staff member, joined the ranks (see 1996). -Terrell Garrard
  • The dining hall was built, and the activity field was made. The first set of pine trees that were planted around the activity field were promply eaten by the horses.


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