The hallmark of our activity-based program is the self-selection of five activities which campers attend regularly unless a trip or extended activity occurs, such as a three-day hike, a canoe trip, or a morning spent rock climbing.

Our emphasis in each activity is on safety awareness, skills development, and fun. Although competitive fun is a part of High Rocks in such activities as tennis and soccer, competition is neither used as a motivator nor emphasized in the learning process in any activity. The test of a camp is its successes with individual children; here at High Rocks success stems from individual effort, not from being better than someone else. We give no ribbons or medals for such titles as “best camper” or “best rider.” Instead, we reward an individual’s effort and skill progression with more challenging and exciting experiences within the activity.

In addition to the activities of instruction chosen by a particular camper there are numerous other programs, events, trips, and activities which all campers have the opportunity to enjoy as part of their camp experience.

Numerous choice period, free-time, and evening activities include:

Ga-Ga Ball
The “Rock-it”
Basketball Events
Rope Swing
Sliding Rock
Ultimate Frisbee

Disc Golf
Ping Pong
Canoe fill-ups
Nature Trips
Horse Care
Boy Scout Merit Badges


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Denny O’Leary
~ Parent ~

5 years at High Rocks and every year you have consistently exceeded all of our expectations. The out of camp trips are such fun rewards for working hard and sticking with a skill to get better and better. The counselors have all been top notch in the counselor role and within the activities. I truly feel they take the time to know Smith well. He is sad to see it end every year.