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1961 - 1965


More pictures from '61-'65

Alice Chalmers sent pictures from several canoeing trips:

Walker Fischer sent pictures from the early 60's

In the early 60's - Square dances were held in the dining hall, as were skits. Also, we jumped on the trampoline in the dining hall on rainy days, and the daring would grab and then hang from the steel beam that holds up the roof. The tetherball game was right outside the dining hall, and almost constantly in use. In the early years, a barber came to boys' camp at least once a summer to do haircuts (but camp was 6 weeks long then). There was no lodge in early 60s - both ends of the dining hall were glass! Hillside cabin was next to the dining hall, and was moved to put in the lodge.




  • The outdoor rifle range below the barn was constructed, with camper Work Plan help.
  • (girls' camp) In 1963 Ray Eaton and Pat Leverette led the first camp trip down section 3 of the Chatooga River (long before "Deliverance" was filmed). The river was relatively unexplored so Mr. Will was anxiously awaiting the trip's arrival at "bull sluice" and was relieved to see the first canoe appear right at sunset. Quite a paddler himself, Mr. Will was not able to be on the trip himself due to having his leg in a cast after falling from a horse. -Sumner Williams, Terrell Garrard


  • A classic skit: East Side Fairy Tales, a take-off on West Side Story. Skits and other events this year were often emceed by "Alex and Charlie", typical say-nothing-of-importance sports commentators on Sports International Network (SIN), played by Miles Foy and Rucker McCarty. (boys camp)
  • Dogwood Den shelter built in 1964, and I think the roof was changed from metal to wood in 1966. Probably in 1964, a counselor decided to drive his (regular) car to the site, and after a thunderstorm, got stuck coming back to camp on the hill coming up to Pinnacle from Dogwood Den; so we had to go out and push the car up the hill while the spinning tires sprayed mud on all the pushers!


  • 1965 (b)- Cleo-pot-roast skit (a Cleopatra parody) was memorable. The Krypton Kruiser (a decorated VW bug) played a part in the July 4 or Olympics skit.
  • The Gym was built.

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