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1971 - 1975


More pictures from '71 - '74, '75

Jack McCallie provided more pictures from 1974 - 1976 boys camp


(boy's camp) In '71 or '72 a very unique skit was pulled off as Bobby Reardon donned a very authentic-looking Gorilla suit. The elaborate skit involved the "gorilla" escaping from the cattle truck he was transported in. The "gorilla trainer" (aka Gary Eblen) chased the gorilla all over the activity field as the amazed group of campers looked on. The "gorilla" was eventually subdued and transported away in the cattle truck. Rumor has it that Mr. Will borrowed the suit to play a prank on Mac Patton and very narrowly escaped being shot!- Jane & Sumner Williams





1975 (boy's)- Classic skit by Duke Williams and David Romero as angels - hanging by ropes from the steel beam in the lodge - floating "over camp", with dry ice mist below them as clouds. The funniest part was watching them trying to keep their swinging under control while remembering their lines.

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