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Camp High Rocks -Pictures from the summer of 1981

(Please excuse the red tint on many of these pictures - the dyes in the original prints have changed with age)

A visit to Maidenhair Falls..

...where Emerson Fales and Lee Irvin test their nerve by lying in the cold flowing water, while Scott Irvin looks on at right.

Billy Hirschman rides the wave at Sliding Rock

Senior Carnival: Peter Sloan...

... and Ross Mackenzie try the shave-a-balloon, while Burke Ingraffia looks on at right.

Davin Bickel attempts to stay on the greased pole while the swinging bags try to knock him off

July 4th tug-of-war

Pull, guys...


Alec Mackenzie, Adam Goldsmith, and Andy Nimmo get the fire going.

The first spillway regatta gets underway.

The gang gathers at the gym to await the arrival of the girls for a square dance (which explains the strangely neat clothes and combed hair).

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