We Love the Mountains

The morning started early with our first paddling group heading out to The Chattooga River. There are a few pictures from their adventure today. We also enjoyed the cooler temperatures today.  It was great to see the boys starting to get into the groove a little.  Some guys are still working on getting there in time.  More importantly, the boys are starting to pick up some skills and a little stamina.  Getting into “camp shape” is important.  It is amazing how many steps these boys get in by just moving from activity to activity.

Our morning went quickly! At 12:30 we caught up with some mail and the camp store just before lunch.

Meal Break:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with or without peppers and onions, hashbrowns, fresh fruit (grapes, sliced oranges, and berries), yogurt, and assorted cereals.

Lunch: Grilled cheese, scratch-made tomato basil soup, lentil salad (for the advanced palate), salad bar, sun butter, and jelly (less advanced palate).

Dinner: Chicken breast with or without chimichurri sauce, carrots, peas, salad bar, yeast rolls with honey butter, and brownies.

After our lunchtime rain shower, it cooled down even more for a while.  The rain finished just before the end of rest hour allowing for all the activities to continue as normal.

Our Age group evening program is the perfect opportunity to be around boys your age and just enjoy some fun and games together. Since these guys choose their own activities, they don’t always see their cabinmates throughout the day.  Each age group typically consists of a couple of grades. They tend to do a lot together outside of the regular activity hours.  I enjoy it when the boys come up with age group names.  It is always a fun time when the age group leader creams out the name and then all the boys respond with a snappy chant of sorts.

These are the age group names of the session.

Age Group 1, Hillside and Connestee: The Goofy Goobers.  With a chant of “Let’s Get Goofy!”

Age Group 2, Lakeside, Foxhollow: SHREK.  With a chant of “Get Out of My Swamp, Donkey!”

Age Group 3, Flattop, Chalet, Windswept: The Ricks. With a singing chant of “Never Gonna Give You Up!” (You know the song).

Age Group 4, Outpost, Sprucepine, Overlook:  Age Group Five (Yep…) with a chant of “Chant, Chant, Chant, Chant, Chant.”

Age Group 5, Halfway, Lookout, Pinnacle: Flour!  “It’s All-Purpose!”

It was more cabin overnights and some of age groups 2 and 4 heading out tonight.  Age groups 3 and 5 enjoyed some lake time. Finally, the remnants of age group 2 were hitting up dodgeball in the gym while age group 1 was on the soccer field. What a wonderful plan for a summer evening in the mountains. 

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Have a wonderful night.

Today’s Pictures