Cabin Night Wish Night

I have enjoyed watching these boys learn and grow, enjoy each other company,  appreciate the differences, and have a blast! Their three weeks at camp have allowed them to forget about their phone, t.v., game console, and even the news.  A little separation from the day-to-day chaos of school, grades, tests, competition, and the past year sure can be a fantastic moment, even if it is for just a few weeks.  I’m not just saying it, I SEE it! Watching these boys actually look and talk to each other, discuss things, and appreciate 600 square feet with six other guys; is vital to their growth. Studies show that engaging activities like camp prevent the summer slide. Even though they are not doing the math, they are still using their brains in an engaging fashion that keeps them on top.  I sure am glad they are here! I was reminded of the importance of camp here at High Rocks.  Zoob led the group tonight in a wish moment that has been a long-time tradition at some camps. I wasn’t quite sure about it, but once I heard the cabin wishes and watched the wish boats, I realized the importance of a little closure to all of the excitement and fun.

Most all of camp headed out after dinner with just their cabin mates and counselor. The annual cabin night of the session is a great way to wrap up the session.  Every cabin picks a special place around camp to hang out and enjoy some time together.  It could be the water slide, hanging out on top of the tower, or just marshmallows around the fire.  Most of it is just some fun together with a little processing of the session at the end.  It is always time well spent.

I was privileged enough to host the upper senior age group at the director’s house for the evening.  The upper senior dinner has been a long tradition at High Rocks, but a fairly new one for the June Session.  With the help of some awesome staff, we put together a fine steak dinner with sides including corn, salad, and Texas toast. I will say, that we had so much meat that they didn’t finish it all.  We wrapped up the meal with ice cream for dessert.  After the meal, we all enjoyed a little discussion at the pavilion about what their future at High Rocks might look like including opportunities for counselor trainees, assistant counselors, and future staff members.  

Tomorrow we will start packing up after lunch.  We wrap up the afternoon with a camp-wide game. It has been a highly excitable event the last few years. We will shower up before dinner and then enjoy a sit-down meal that is served by our head staff.  Finally, we will head up to campfire one last time to sing some songs, listen to a story, end then hand out our ten-year paddles.  It is going to be quite a day.

Don Gentle

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