End of a Good Week

As we cruise into our second weekend of the session, the sounds of camp in full swing have normalized delightfully into the daily cacophony of fun that we associate with the place. There is a steady hum of noise and energy about the place that just feels right!

At the end of the “work week”, our campers have also found a rhythm to their day that allows for individual agency across camp. Campers know the next steps in their day (though they may not know what day it is) and are a major part of moving the program forward. It also allows them to build some ownership of the experience which can take shape in them putting equipment away, picking up trash, or just looking out for another member of camp who might need a helping hand. 

Friday is also the culmination of a lot of effort on part of the campers and counselors both. They have been building new skills and refining learned ones with goals to get on trips, advance in shooting ranks, or launch a successful rocket tomorrow. 

The hikers took a young group into Dupont for a walk to Bridal Veil falls and back. This is a waterfall that allows you to creep behind the curtain of water and enjoy hiding from view inside the falls! There were some tired little legs on the return and fun stories of peeking through the water, while “trying” to not get wet. Another set of our youngest campers also ventured into Dupont, but this time they were armed with mountain bikes. Dupont has some great beginner trails to facilitate an adventure for campers still learning the craft, while adding just enough pizzazz to leave them feeling quite saucy about their accomplishments. It also created a lot of excitement about our lunch of cheesesteaks and French fries right after their return!

Our climbers took off to Melrose Mountain with a group of our second oldest campers. The day could not have been better with beautifully clear skies and a steady breeze throughout. Our canoers left with an excited group of guys bound for section 2 of the Chattooga river. It is a wild and scenic river with amazing swimming holes and some rapids that tested the skills of our paddlers today. It is also a long day and the guys got back just in time for some huge helpings of jambalaya, fried okra, and all the fixings. 

Camp was also seeing advancements in skills. Fishermen were enjoying a Rig-n-Rip day where they decided the lures they each wanted, tied them on, and had it. Sailors were cruising the lake confidently with that steady breeze all day. Pottery was a neat blend of coil pots, throwing on the wheel, and beginning to study on glazes for previously finished projects.

As I finish typing this after dinner, the sounds of camp have rapidly diminished. The constancy of a camp day two weeks in means bedtime is an accepted, even anticipated, event! We will see you back here tomorrow after an action-packed Saturday including the first launch day in rocketry.

Also, a note about yesterday’s pictures. A computer glitch early one hundred and fifty more pictures have been added to the gallery for the 17th. If, by the end of scrolling through tonight, you are fiending for more, check them out! 

Cabin pictures have also been posted and can be found by searching for Cabin Pictures in the gallery.  

Have a good night and may you all sleep as well as our guys are about to do here.

Woody Noland
Associate Director

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