Good Morning High Rocks

I love the excitement of the first morning of camp. That first wake-up bell of the season is always a wonderful sound.  We typically add a little flair in the morning after the bell rings.  Sometimes we play a little revelry, but mostly it is an exuberant yell from the diaphragm that excites the boys beyond imagine.  The scream of “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS” always gets me going.

Of course, it is not uncommon on this first morning for the boys to be up before the bell!  I must say, the boys of Hillside were my favorite today.  I gave a holler over to them on the way up to the dining hall during their morning chores.  I was super impressed by the response of “Good Morning, Don” which was nearly immediate and almost in unison.  It was like these boys had been waiting two summers to say it and it was wonderful!

Our new meal plans are working well.  I think the youngest boys are really enjoying their meals out “on the veranda 😊.” It seems like a picnic every meal as they sit under the event tents enjoying the mountain air.  My dog, Barley, has also enjoyed the outdoor dining.  I had to work with the boys a little about the unintended consequences of our outdoor setup and the need for Barley to keep his athletic figure.  It’s way too easy for him as food falls from the sky around these tables. Dog heaven for sure!

Speaking of food we started the day with classic cinnamon toast, cut fruit, oatmeal, scrambled eggs and assorted cereals.  I couldn’t resist the cinnamon toast with a warm cup of coffee on the cool mountain morning we had.  It was quite delightful.

The boys continued with their activity rotations once again this morning.  They are learning a few new skills while learning all about the opportunities that will be available including the progression and tripping events.  The guys will hit about 12 different activities twice this week and then work on some choices next week.

Our oldest age group headed out tonight for the first round of cabin overnights.  I always enjoy catching a few shots while hanging with the boys.  I queried the guys on how many cabin overnights they had been on and how many of the five open-air shelters they have slept in through the years.  It was great to hear many of the boys spout out that they had been on 3 or 4 and some even 5 or 6.  It brought up memories of some of their favorite overnights. It is always a fun event for the boys to cook some pita pizzas, enjoy some time around the fire, assemble a few smores, and then camp out in the woods for the night.  We will see them just before breakfast in the morning.

Tomorrow is another wonderful day at camp! I look forward to sharing all the news.  Don’t forget to write your boys!

All the best,

Don Gentle

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