Less Than Half Left

It’s hard to believe that we are past the halfway mark of the June Session already. It seems like the boys just arrived.  Life at camp feels in the groove. We have our routines, our systems, and even our schedules.  Wednesdays are one of the weekly theme days around High Rocks.  We ask the boys to bring Hawaiian themed shirts to wear on Waikiki Wednesday!  It’s just a fun way of celebrating summer and all sorts of cool, crazy shirts. 

Today was another big day for the boys to get out on trips.  If you do not see your son in pictures today, he was likely on a canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, or climbing trip today. We also had a tubing trip on the French Broad River, but I was able to get a camera out for that one.  I will try to get some more cameras out to trip leaders for some additional footage tomorrow. We had more than a third of camp out this morning until lunch, with many of those boys out for the whole day. We will continue to see more of that as the progression continues.

My High Rocks moment of the day is our cabin meeting.  Each night the boys wrap up the day with a meeting in the cabin.  It’s not typically a very long meeting, but it is a time to think about the day, talk about what is on your mind as well as thoughts about tomorrow.  Some counselors have a set plan where the talk about highs and lows, or thing they are looking forward to in the future.  The counselor can also use this time to talk about how things are going in the cabin and even bring up topics that the group needs to address.  This is a very important part of creating our community here at High Rocks. It’s also what keep the roof on the building after living with five to six other guys in a very tight space for three weeks.

Be sure to keep writing those letters and emails.  Encourage your boys to write back as well.

Have a great night!


Today’s Pictures