Life on the Mountain

Life is good on the mountain!  Not only do we enjoy all the wonderful views, cool mornings, a passing shower, and even wonderful sunsets.  Mountain life has many advantages. Especially, life at 3000 feet.  This morning it was a cool 48 degrees.  We got to about 75 degrees today.  While that may seem cool to some of you, it is what I call perfect athletic weather.  It is a wonderful opportunity to run around!  Our elevation allows these reasonable temperatures to be around all summer.  Even in the heat of August we still have nights in the mid-sixties. The sun was out all day.  Add some decorative clouds, blue skies and that mountain air and you have a perfect day.

My highlight for today was that I had the opportunity to take some boys on a river trip today.  I always enjoy teaching the younger boys the canoeing craft on the river.  As a camp director, I have had some time in all of the activities, and I feel confident teaching many of them.  Paddling has been my passion for a while, so I try to get out on a couple of rivers each year during the season.  It was a wonderful trip! The boys learned to appreciate how the river affects their canoe, and how to work together in the boat to get down stream and even have fun.  Were they a little nervous? Of course! Did they get frustrated? Only a little…

Life at High Rocks is about being present in the moment and living. Without the distractions from electronics, politics, and the stresses we put upon our daily routine, you can get down to living.  I really enjoy watching it all happen around me.  We are into the “meat” of the session now. While I don’t want to be the one to shock you, it’s not always easy.  For some boys, just being here is a huge step.  For others, it may be going off the rope swing for the first time or getting to the top of the tower.  I tell these boys time and time again to “embrace the discomfort.” That is where life is happening. The sweet spot is right at the edge of the discomfort where you feel a little uneasy, but not gripped with fear. If you don’t learn to handle the discomfort, it will all become gripping fear.  Anyhow, what I am trying to say is I enjoy watching these boys face some fears, work through some frustration, and have some success.  Our staff are very much in tune with the process and are there to help along the way. Check out the successes in the pictures today. Sometime the view alone is worth it…

I do have some housekeeping notes from Darby. If you are planning on shipping a trunk/duffle home there are two steps. First, please contact the UPS Store in Brevard. (828) 883-4801. Second, please email our office to let us know that you wish to have your trunk/duffle shipped and we will deliver your item(s) to the UPS store on Closing Day.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the trust you have put in us to assist in the growth and accomplishments of your boys. It’s always a privledge.


Today’s Pictures