Living The Camp Life

Today’s Pictures

It’s almost not fair to others how much fun we are having.  Life at camp feels like home. I have enjoyed watching the boys finding their way, having fun, and mostly enjoying being around each other. While it is not “life after COViD” quite yet, we are certainly doing our best and that is incredible right now!

We kicked off the day with a tasty breakfast of bagels, cream of wheat, sausage, scrambled eggs, and blueberries.  After breakfast, it was a fun time down at morning assembly on the tennis courts.  The motion songs really got us going.  Then it was off to activities.

The boys rotated through their second rotation of activity excitement today.  So, it feels like a whole new adventure. I have enjoyed hearing some of the seasoned campers enjoying some activities they have not tried in a while.

Lunch was a crowd favorite, Taco Day! Black, beans, grounds beef, onions tomato, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cilantro, and lime. Choose soft tortillas or chips and you cannot go wrong! Add some bug juice and sweet tea and that was something that kept the boys coming back for more!

Our second group of overnighters headed out to sleep in the woods tonight. It’s always an adventure and a ton of fun for the guys.  I stepped out to one of the overnights tonight to assist them with a stove.  I really enjoyed seeing the guys enjoy their time out in the woods.  Each of our five shelter is situated on the property in a special location that shows the beauty of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.  Nestled in mixed hardwoods and towering rhododendron, these shelter sites are a young boy’s playground.  We were able to get the stove up and running while the boys were playing a stalking game.  A brief shower came through while I was out there, so I stuck around to help get dinner going.  After a bit, I was on my own hiking back to main camp while the boys enjoyed their pita pizzas.

Back in camp, the boys enjoyed some time on the rope swing and waterslide, while others cooled off with one of my favorite games called canoe fill-up.  Take a few boys, a couple paddles, and a bucket.  Then you send them out to sink each other’s canoe.  Always a blast!

The adventure never ends.  Looking forward to sharing more tomorrow!

All the best,

Don Gentle