Summer in The Mountains

Today’s Pictures

It was a perfect summer day in the mountains.  You might even say it was a typical day in the mountains.  We had a cool morning that moved into a sunny day, followed by a short afternoon shower, and then the sun came right back out for a beautiful late afternoon and evening. the sounds of boys on the waterfront, in the gym, and screaming across the field.  It sure felt like a fantastic day in the mountains to me!

Creating camp all over again has certainly kept us busy.  I feel like we are crushing it. But like any planning, you come up with great ideas, and then you must put them to the test.  Sometimes it takes some adjustment and so far, it is working.  It is certainly better than not to have camp. We begin a potential transition period tomorrow. Our hope is that we will get through our surveillance testing, and then be able to move on to some bigger groups.  It will be at least a day or more before it is all settled.   Our hope is to move to the age cohort size so that we can allow the groups to work through some progressions and trips together.  While that is an intended outcome, it may not happen. If it does not, camp will still be fun, and we will still crush it.

One of my favorite parts of my job is introducing camp to new interested families, and I tend to be the point guy when it comes to camp tours. Mostly, I just like talking about our process and our purpose in everything we do.  Today I was able to give a tour to a wonderful family thinking about camp.  The summer is THE BEST time to see camp.  You get to see it in action with boys enjoying the High Rocks adventure. If you have friends thinking about camp, be sure to send them while the boys are here.  If you really want to know what a camp is all about, just ask the kids that here.

I was able to get out into camp a little today to watch the process and the adventure. I was super impressed with all the instruction and excitement happening everywhere.  Mountain biking was pretty cool today.  It’s cool every day, but today was one of those magical days.  Occasionally, a boy will come to camp and want to mountain bike. The one caveat preventing him from doing so? He has not learned to ride a bike.  Today was one of those days.  We taught a couple of boys how to ride a bike!!!  Like anything worth the time, there were some bumps and falls, even some frustration.  When you finally see the magic start to happen, it’s pure joy and excitement. I wasn’t even close when I first witnessed the moment, but you could tell that the moment was happening.   I’m not sure they want the word to get out so I will just leave this here for a bit.

The last two cabin buildings took off for the woods tonight. Foxhollow and Flattop will head out for an evening of fun, pita pizzas, smores, and games around the fire.  I hope to grab some pictures of the results in the morning. It is certainly a lovely evening in the mountains.

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