The Best of Times

It was off to the races and back in action again this morning with a number of trips out of camp.  In the pictures today, you may notice your son in a new activity.  We have given the opportunity for the boys to pick different activities or stay in the same if they would like.  Another COVID alternative, but the boys seem to enjoy the opportunity to try new activities.

I enjoy seeing the boys during this phase of the session. They all have it down with how they move about camp.  The boys move about like it’s their home.  Everyone is getting a little winded, but it sure is fun to see the interactions.  The last couple of days always seem like the best of times. A three-week session is such a great timeframe for camp.

Tonight’s feature picture above is the group (including our two June Camp nurses) that received their five-year backpacks last night. While it was a little dark, I thought it was still important to share the image. They were wearing them proudly this morning! Also, if you have not been on our Facebook or Instagram Page, then you are missing out on some fun posts and videos.  Check it out and be sure to follow us!

Your boys sure do make High Rocks a great place. We like to have more boys that are just like your sons. Remember, if you have any family friends in the area, the summer is the best time to see camp. Have them come by High Rocks to see it in action.   Send them to our tour page and we will take it from there.  We love to show off High Rocks!  Here is a link to the Tour Page. Only three full days of camp left!  Have a great night!


Today’s Pictures