Tie-Dye Tuesday

It sure was fun to see everyone in the Tie-Dye shirts today. The sun certainly helped bring out the color. We had a nice cool breeze for sailing all day long. The entire day was amazing!

My favorite part of today was at hiking. They work on all sorts of skills and fun over at hiking. On some days they may be focused on learning all of the trees in camp. Other days they might cook around the fire, do some stream exploration, or map and compass work. Today was hurricane day! What is hurricane day and how does that relate to hiking and nature? It’s actually about shelters. The boys learn how to set up tents and tarps as shelters that they might use for a backpacking experience. The staff does a great job on working through the skills and then allowing the boys to practice and work as a group. It’s a good lesson and once they get on the trail it will speed up the process of setting up camp. But what about the hurricane? Oh yeah! The best part is the test! The staff come around to see how the groups did setting up their tarps. That’s when the hurricane comes! We have to test the results in the event of bad weather. Take a hose, a leaf-blower, and maybe a trashcan lid (for some thunder). It makes a pretty goo d hurricane when all of this is focused on one tarp at a time! As the wind and rain fly, the laughing and lessons start to take place. Hurricane day! What a delightful lesson and whole lot of fun.

Speaking of all the great things at High Rocks, we just posted our weekly highlights video. I have embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. Help us out and spread the love by sharing this out in the social media world and invite your friends to stop by for a tour. Hit the paper airplane to share it.

Have a great night!

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