We Love Mondays

I feel like we are finally hitting our stride. While the feel of High Rocks is the same, there are all sorts of nuances that we had to come up with to have an extraordinary summer camp experience given our current situation.  It’s nice to see the boys figuring out all the dining hall details as well.  I might sound funny but getting over two hundred people fed each day is a big deal.  Of course, the preparation is a big part, but just getting all the food to the boys is a whole additional process. We have a fantastic kitchen crew who keep us fed three squares a day and snack in between.  Our two formally trained chefs split the day and keep our mostly scratch-made food tasty and delightful.  We eat really well here!

Now that the boys and the staff have a sense of it all, camp felt a little more normal today.  It was fun to see the guys heading out in their own direction to the activities they picked.  The boys all had a good warm-up, now they get to focus on the skills they want to build and the progression they choose.  The weather even felt like the first sense of summer with a little more heat today. 

I think the favorite part of my day was watching full age groups enjoy their evening programs together.  The waterfront was a live with full groups on the waterslide and rope swing along with a full-on nautical assault by the younger boys playing canoe fill-ups.

What I see most is the boys are just enjoying their time together.  They play hard each day now and a completely tired by the end of snack in the evening. I like to see the “camp friendships” begin to develop over time.  They don’t think I’m listening, but I truly enjoy their senseless (to me) banter as they spar all way to the dining hall laughing and arguing at the same time about who was right or maybe even less right.

Tomorrow, there are four different trips heading out of camp.  It’s time to pt those skills to the test! Mountain biking, rock climbing, backpacking, and canoeing will all head offsite for some rewarding adventures.  THIS is why we come to three weeks of camp. We are just getting our grove and we aren’t even halfway finished.  What a treat!

Sleep Tight!

Don Gentle

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