Just What We Needed

Our first week was a little different this year if you were a returning camper.  The boys rotated with their cabin having an opportunity at ALL the activities three different times this week. While it probably not what they expected, it certainly turned out to be a worthwhile event.  WE felt it was important to use this model to be sure we were keeping camp safe for these boys.  Allowing boys to stay in smaller cohorts prevented the spread of COVID.  Even if it may not have affected the campers, it could have had drastic effects of aiding to the mutation of a virus that has crippled the world for more than a year.

The results of keeping these boys together for a week has fostered a lot of cohesion in the cabin and even in the whole building.  The boys have learned to appreciate the differences and the different roles that each of them play in the small community they have created.  I have truly enjoyed watching this unfold.  For me, camp almost seemed empty at times since the groupings at each activity were smaller than usual as camp was fully spread out in an even swath. 

Today will be the last day in these tight activity groups.  The boys picked their activities for the rest of the session earlier this week.  Chad and Zoob spent the better part of the week organizing these desires into a camp schedule.  Next week we grow our cohorts to the full age group.  Many of these will be about 6 cabins with some of the just four cabins.  While they will never leave these smaller communities, they will certainly add to their friendships and opportunities. Camp will feel a little more normal for the returning boys and maybe a little different for the 1st year boys. 

Of course, today would have been wonderful even if all of that had not worked out.  The sunny skies and cool mountain air (it only got to about 72 today) made for perfect athletic weather to run around and have a blast.  You can just see it in the boys’ eyes how much they need camp at High Rocks this year. 

Breakfast:  Scratch-made buttermilk pancakes, bacon, hash browns, cut fruit, and assorted cereals

Lunch: Beef or Black Bean Enchiladas, nachos with sides of guacamole, sour cream, and salsa, Mexican corn salad, and two tossed salad options.

Dinner: Pack out pan pizza, chips, cookies, and a soda of choice.  Each cabin could have dinner anywhere they wished tonight.  Most sat on the lawn and drilled more pizza than I have ever seen.

We are looking forward to a rockin’ Independence Day tomorrow!  It’s going to be a lot of red, white, and blue!!!

All the best,


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