Looking Good Since 1958

For years down at the paddling docks, there has been a constant theme of what was most important.  It was looking good, of course.  It was the sort of banter you might find when you gather a bunch of guys around each other as they all try to be cool. The jokes would go around, and everyone would laugh.  It even got to a point where some of the staff made a t-shirt, a cool t-shirt. The back was a river that named all the rivers in the paddling progression and underneath it all, it said, “Looking Good Since 1958.” While it still makes me laugh when I hear the staff and campers respond to each other about what is most important, a little bit of it makes sense.  I noticed it today on the lake.  I thought to myself, “wow those paddlers are looking really good.”  It’s no coincidence, when you are paddling (or doing any other skill) correctly, it just looks right.  It looks GOOD!  Of course, you can’t start your teaching progression with words like that, nor could you do it while you try to demonstrate.  Staff still must break down the skill into teachable parts, giving everything a specific term so that the boys can slowly try to figure it out.  Then you need to give them some feedback and adjustment. Guess what happens next?  It starts to look good! So, that is what I saw today.  I saw a lot of “looking good” out there.   It wasn’t just in paddling and sailing.  I saw all sorts of looking good!

Our Mini Men had their first day of activities they want to do. If you are a Mini parent, look for the email I sent today with your son’s schedule.  I even saw a group of them heading up to the High Rocks.  A natural rock formation just up the hill from main camp. Our boys in Connestee took to the High Ropes Course this morning! It’s a big challenge for these guys.  It sure seemed like they were having fun.

Breakfast: Eggs scrambled with a mix of peppers, onions, and tomatoes, or just plain. Oatmeal with options like raisins, craisins, and brown sugar. English muffins with butter, cream cheese, or just plain.  Some guys made an egg sandwich. Cut fruit, and assorted cereals.

Lunch: Fried chicken sandwiches with assorted toppings, sweet potato fries, cucumber and tomato salad, tossed salad.

Dinner: Barbeque chicken, smashed red potatoes, peas, yeast rolls, tossed salads, and caramel bars.

Tonight, the guys were enjoying some fun activities. I always enjoy seeing the guys on the rope swing and waterslide right outside my window.  My favorite is to just crack the window and listen to the hilarious conversation and cheering.  Our Mini Men hit the slip and slide and enjoyed some post slide ice cream down at the pavilion.

It’s been a great day! I can’t believe we only have a few days left.


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