Mini I Close and Halfway Saturday

What a perfect day to say goodbye to our Mini I guys. It seems like they just got here yesterday. We had a big send-off at assembly this morning while all the boys cheered for our Mini I guys as they made the most of their last morning.  The morning drop-off went very smooth and even some older brothers got a quick hug in and a quick hello as their parents picked up the younger sibling.  We sure will miss these guys.  It was a wonderful group of young men. Many of them here for the very first time.  I look forward to seeing these boys next year. Several of the boys are thinking about four weeks already.

High Rocks seemed a little quiet without our Mini I guys.  The rest of the guys sure did enjoy all being in camp today. It was a delightful mountain summer day.  The boys continued with all their activities, while some just enjoyed coming up with some new games to play. 

Speaking of time flying, we are halfway through our four-week session today.  The boys will go home in just two more weeks. While the honeymoon has long faded, it does seem like many of these guys are still working well together. 

Breakfast: Scratch-made buttermilk pancakes right off the flattop, bacon, boiled eggs, home fries, cut fruit, and assorted cereals

Lunch: Subs/hoagies/grinders call it what you like with salami, turkey breast, and/or black forest ham.  Lettuce, tomato, onion, Claussen pickles, mayo, mustard for condiments.  Tomato pie and tossed salad.

Dinner:  Saturday night, pack-out pan pizza on the lawn with chips, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a soda of choice. It’s a fun a relaxing way for the cabins to just relax outside and enjoy a picnic on the lawn.

Tomorrow we have a much-needed sleep-in and a little bit of a more relaxing morning.  It sure is going well with all of these boys.

All the best,


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