Boys Camp Canoeing

Our First Steps

I think the first full day of camp is one of my favorites.  The boys have had a little time to be comfortable, but there is still a lot of excitement in the air.  They typically wake up early. As in WAY before the wake-up bell.  The first cabin clean-up takes a little longer as they try to work through the orientation process. My favorite story of the morning (and not that uncommon) was the two guys that woke up early just and started cleaning.  Basically, they just got up and started playing with the brooms (the coolest tool) in their underwear.  Great story!

I really enjoy hearing these small stories of independence.  Little victories here and there that is all part of the growing process.  I mean, spending the night out in a cabin sounds like a ton of fun, but it can also make you nervous once all the lights go out.  Don’t sweat! I saw all sorts of nights lights and bathroom lights on with the door cracked.  The counselors were all well prepared for these events. But, this is a big deal for a lot of these guys!

I also like hearing so many of our counselors reading to the boys at night. It’s such a fun tradition.  It doesn’t always happen in the older cabins, but I heard a lot as I walked around after lights out last night.

So, for over 100 of these boys, they hit the ground running into their first-time High Rocks experience! They will start a journey that will likely take them years into the future here! After almost 30 years of doing this with my wife, Zoob, I can tell you that we really enjoy watching every step along the way!

There was a ton of excitement today. While many of the guys started rotating through activities, the boys n Sprucepine headed for the High Ropes Course this morning.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, link sausage, grits, cut fruit, and assorted cereals.

Lunch: Mini Corn Dogs, scratch-made mac and cheese, chili, cut fruit, and a tossed salad.

Dinner: chicken casserole, with or without rice, grilled cauliflower and broccoli, tossed salad, and pound cake.

Tonight, our first cabins headed out into the woods on our 1000-acre property.  The boys of Lookout, Halfway, Pinnacle, and Outpost will spend the night enjoy some pita pizzas and time around the campfire playing games and eating smores.  They will return just before breakfast tomorrow.  I cannot wait to hear the stories.

Have a great night,


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