Such A Great Day

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tropical system moved past us overnight.  While we had a touch of rain this morning, it turned out to be a typical summer day here at The Rocks.  We did need a little rain, so the overnight pouring was perfect! 

Trips out of camp again today were varied once again. We had a mixed paddling trip of kayakers and canoers on the Wild and Scenic, Chattooga River!  What a beautiful place.  I always enjoy a trip like this location where you must paddle down it to see all its beauty! What a wonderful experience. 

Our mountain bikers headed over to DuPont once again. It was another ripping success as these boys continue their skills on the trail. While we have over 20 miles of trails here on the property, it is always wonderful to experience new and exciting trails.

Even the climbers were able to head out this morning.  I thought for sure the rain was going to cancel that trip. Nonetheless, they had a fantastic day on the rock and rolled back in just around 5 pm.

Our mini boys are on their final day tomorrow. We look forward to seeing all our mini I parents on Saturday morning, be sure to check out your arrival time for Saturday to assure a smooth traffic flow.

Speaking of our mini I boys. They all hit the mud pit this evening for some fine adventure in just having fun in the mud.  I put a few of the mud pictures up tonight. There will be more tomorrow. Be sure to check them out.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage patties, Nate’s scratch-made buttermilk biscuits, grits, cut fruit, and assorted cereals.

Lunch: Chili with sides of cheese, onions, and sour cream; Corn Dog on a stick; cheese toast, spinach salad with strawberries and feta, or Greek salad.

Dinner: Chicken alfredo with linguini, black bean enchiladas, meatloaf sliders, steamed broccoli with cheese sauce, yeast rolls, salad, and pound cake.

One quick note. It looks like there was a server error as the last images of the day were loading.  I received the error this morning, and it looks like there were likely another 100 images that may have been missed if you tuned in last night.  The images finished loading again this morning, so be sure to check it out.

It’s going to be another great day tomorrow! I look forward to sharing the details.


Today’s Pictures