The Sweet Spot

Wednesday had a big start once again this morning.  We had a climbing trip head out early again.  Two different groups hit the French Broad in canoes today. Mountain biking hit DuPont.  And, we had a day hike up Rick Mountain.  The boys are certainly hitting their groove.

Life at High Rocks is about being present in the moment and living. Without the distractions from electronics, politics, and the stresses we put upon our daily routine, you can get down to living.  I really enjoy watching it all happen around me.  We are into the “meat” of the session now. While I don’t want to be the one to shock you, it’s not always easy.  For some boys, just being here is a huge step.  For others, it may be going off the rope swing for the first time or getting to the top of the tower.  I tell these boys time and time again to “embrace the discomfort.” That is where life is happening. The sweet spot is right at the edge of the discomfort where you feel a little uneasy, but not gripped with fear. If you don’t learn to handle the discomfort, it will all become gripping fear.  Anyhow, what I am trying to say is I enjoy watching these boys face some fears, work through some frustration, and have some success.  Whether it’s tipping over in a kayak for the first time, working the pump track on a mountain bike, our practicing wheelies. Our staff are very much in tune with the process and are there to help along the way. And you can see all of that in the pictures today.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, link sausage, cinnamon toast, home fries, fruit, and assorted cereals

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwiches, pasta salad, corn salad, broccoli salad egg salad, AND Salad-Salad (You know tossed salad)

Dinner: Meatloaf, taters, okra, peas, yeast rolls, salad-salad, and lemon cookies

So, I must interject on breakfast to talk about what I know to be a camp creation.  Typically, as you work through the summer some of the boys realize how to best take advantage of what is served. One is our homemade ranch dressing (you don’t want to know what is in it).  It becomes the “all condiment” for many.  Fries, pizza crust, you name it, ranch goes on it.  So, this morning’s breakfast has created a creation some call the “dirty breakfast taco.”  Some boys take two sausage links and then wrap them up in a piece of cinnamon toast.  Again, it might not be a culinary delight, but it is certainly a hit.

Looks like we might be in for some rain as this tropical system rolls near us.  Not to fret, High Rocks will still be awesome!  Have a great night.


Today’s Pictures