Best Day Yet!

Another cool day on the mountain here at High Rocks.  It has been perfect “athletic” weather this week. I love the cool mountain air!  The low almost dipped into the 50s and the high today was maybe 70. It was fun to see some guys pull out their sweatshirts. 

It sure was another fun day in camp. We had a lot going on in camp and a few trips heading out as well. More of our paddling guys had an opportunity to paddle down the French Broad River again today.  We had two different trips out of camp today.

The boys in mountain biking also had two different trips over to DuPont State Forest today.  While we enjoy over 20 miles of trails here at High Rocks, we really like to take a quick jump over to our next-door neighbor.  DuPont State Forest has over 10,000 acres and some incredible mountain biking trails at all levels.  Best of all it is only 15 minutes away.  We can spend just a morning over there and have plenty of riding in and be back by lunch!  Sometimes location has its advantages.  We use his resource a lot!

Our boys at hiking took two different opportunities to head up our own Rich Mountain.  It is a great peak for the guys to hit and they get to leave right from camp.  They also get to pass the High Rocks, where we do come climbing, along the way.  The afternoon hiking group was even able to see some of our climbers on the way back from their trip.

There is just so much fun here at High Rocks.  The boys are taking it all in down to the last minute.  I enjoyed watching our swimming staff hosting a themed pirate day down at the swim docks today!  There was a lot of ARRRGuing and screaming, but it was all in good fun!

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, link sausage, scratch-made chocolate chip scones, assorted fruit and assorted cereals.

Lunch: Greek Day: grilled chicken, flatbread, scratch-made falafel, house-made tzatziki sauce, onions, romaine, tomatoes.  Scratch-made hummus and pita chips, Greek salad and plain greens.

Dinner:  Spaghetti and meatballs, corn, peas, garlic bread, tossed salad. ginger-molasses cookies.

Tonight, the boys are hitting the mud pit.  It should make for some fun pictures for tomorrow.  I can’t believe we are down to the last two days.  It just keeps getting better.

Have a great night!


Today’s Pictures