Cabin Overnights

It was another fantastic day at High Rocks! The boys are still working hard to make it to breakfast on time, but that means they are working hard with their cabin clean-up. It was fun to see Windswept I get Cabin of the Day for the second time in a row. After an exciting assembly, it was off to more activity fun!

With a smaller group of staff this week I have found myself helping out in the program here and there a little bit more than usual. Over the last two days, I have been the lead on fishing for the guys. Each group had one opportunity at some fishing instruction this week. I really enjoy being able to connect with the boys and show them something new. Yesterday went better, we were able to land a few fish. Today, was a bust… I guess that is why they call it fishing and not catching. We still had a ton of fun. I found the little guys of Sprucepine more interested in feeding the fish than catching, so we made a game-time decision, broke out some bread and landing nets, and let them see if they could bring in the big one. Again, it was way more fun to just watch the fish eat the bread and see how many we could attract. It really wasn’t about the fishing, it never is. It’s about having fun with your new friends and learning cool new skills from our counselors. It sure was a blast!

Does camp have to be super fun all the time? It would be easy to say yes, but the magic is in the truth that it isn’t always fun or easy. It sure is worth it, though.  What I am trying to say is while camp life at High Rocks is awesome, it is also educational.  Sometimes that education can be frustrating and even difficult.  For some of the youngest boys this session, the hardest part was getting out of the car on opening day.  The learning continues every day as they not only learn skills in their activities but also learn how to interact with one another.  The challenges of living with six other people that are not your family members should not be overlooked.  While the cabin experience can be fun, it can also be challenging. I’m pretty sure your son did not say that the first thing on his list for coming to camp was to learn how to live with six other boys.  The cabin experience also holds some of their greatest memories.  You can’t have one without the other.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, oatmeal, berries with or without yogurt, and assorted cereals.

Lunch: Mini corn dogs, mac and cheese, broccoli salad, mixed fruit, two tossed salads to choose from.

Dinner: Out in the woods…

All of the boys took to the woods for their cabin overnights out on our 1100-acre wood.  They will spend all night at one of our open-air shelters enjoying classic pita pizzas, carrots, and the smores around the fire.  I always enjoy hearing the stories when these boys roll back in just before breakfast. It should be a fun night.

Below is a highlight reel from this week. We are certainly having a blast and reaching the home stretch now!


Today’s Pictures