Just Two Days Left

It is a true adventure here every day.  Some of the time just getting ready for the day is an adventure.  I enjoyed cruising through the cabins during clean-up time this morning. Many of the young guys are doing their best to just get their clothes on straight, let alone get the bed made and help out with group chores.  What I enjoyed this morning was watching the boys help each other get those top bunks made.  It’s hard enough to get a bottom bunk sorted.  The top bunk is a pretty big challenge.  My favorite is the “make the bed while you are sleeping in it” method.  I feel like I might have done this growing up as well.  I’m sure you have seen it.  Why not, it really appears to make sense.  Lay down and pull up all the covers around you, flatten out the edges and make it pretty, and then try to slide out without disturbing anything.  Again, it works pretty well on the ground level.  It’s a bit more of a challenge when you are on the top.  These boys worked through it pretty well.  Don’t let them fool you when they get home.  They can make their bed pretty well.

Today’s Menu:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage patties, scratch-made buttermilk biscuits, berries (blue and black), yogurt, and assorted cereals.

Lunch: Scratch-made tomato soup, grilled cheese, tater tots, sliced apples, and tossed salad.

Dinner: Burgers and Hot Dogs, french fries, Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, pasta salad, tossed salad, and scratch-made brownies.

We sure ad fun in our activities today. the boys had some time shooting rifles and bows. They learned some basics of tennis, had a chance at some lead rides down at the barn, and some boys even had a crack at fishing. this morning, the boys of Outpost spent most of the morning on the High Ropes Course. It was a fun-filled day!

Speaking of activities, Rock Climbing at High Rocks is one of our most popular activities.  Like all of our activities, climbing follows a very purposeful progression. The boys all learn how to put on their harnesses and helmet.  They learn the knots, safety calls, and rules.  Finally, they get right to the climbing on our 50-foot tower.  Our tower has six different sides, each with different features and difficulties. While the one-week session does not go beyond the tower, our focus of the program in all of the other sessions is to get them out on the real rock.  We have numerous locations locally right in Pisgah National Forest. We also make use of several other climbing locations within the state and local areas.  During their lessons at the tower, they learn all sorts of techniques and maneuvers to help them get up the tower or rock.

After a full day of activities, the boys also had a choice period the last hour before dinner. The options were tennis, canoe fill-ups, or waterslide/rope swing. Most all the guys chose the last two options. It sure was fun watching the guys enjoy some time on the lake! There were multiple laps on the waterslide and rope swing. The boys also found themselves “sunken” in the canoe fill-ups game!

It sure is fun watching these boys work through a day! Tonight we had an all-camp game of capture the flag with a little more flare! I will send out some of those pictures in the morning!

Have a great night!


Today’s Pictures