We Can Do This!

The cool weather today was amazing! After a few warm days, it was a pleasant change for us!  The cool “athletic” weather is just what the boys needed.

I am sure you have noticed a few pictures of the dogs around camp.  I think it’s funny how the boys want to know so much about them. There are two main camp dogs, Tsali and Barley.

Tsali is Hank and Townsend’s black lab. She is about twelve years old.  She generally goes home only when she is required.  Sometimes she makes her way out on a cabin overnight or even a rest hour. She is not as active as she used to be, but still enjoys being around camp.

Barley is my golden retriever. He is about nine years old.  He swims most of the time, loves to go on hikes, mountain bike rides, and anywhere there is action.  He has the best life ever!  Don’t tell your dog what my dog gets to do every day.

What I have come to find out is that I should probably be paying the dogs.  It’s no mistake they are here, but sometimes I am amazed at how much they add to camp life.  The dogs always seem to know when someone needs a little time.  The boys enjoy petting them as much and the dogs enjoy receiving it.  I love it when the boys go out of their way to introduce their parents to the dogs on closing day. Anyhow, just a little window into camp life.

Many of us generally shy away from things we are afraid of doing.  Most all the time we feel better once we tackle it.  Sometimes we don’t feel better.  That’s the kicker.  You know what?  That is all right too. My father-in-law shared with me some wise teaching.  The focus was more on your career and figuring out what you want to do with your life. Anyhow, he felt like it was important to take some jobs you didn’t like. His answer was that “it will help you understand what you don’t want to do.” His son found out that he didn’t want to own a car wash.  Sometimes we don’t like to do what is hard.  The boys this week have overcome some things that are not easy.  Check out those pictures from the top of the tower.  Do you think those boys might have been a little afraid the first time they tried to make it to the top?  How about the first time they spent the night outside? How about the first time they were away from home for two weeks?  All of these “hard” tasks have been faced and overcome this week.  Will there be some things that were not their favorite?  Sure!  What you will find out is that the joy and learning far exceed the discomfort.  I would go as far to say that the discomfort at times is what will make the best stories. So, while these boys have overcome many hard things, they have also had a blast doing it.  They are learning a whole lot more important life skills than just climbing the tower. My favorite part is that you believe it is important just as much as we do. 

Breakfast: Hash brown casserole, boiled eggs, oatmeal, banana bread, assorted fruit, yogurt, assorted cereals.

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwiches, waffle fries, kimchi cauliflower, tossed salad.

Dinner: Beef tips, rice, green beans, warm yeast rolls, tossed salad, and apple crisp.

I do have some housekeeping notes from Darby. If you are planning on shipping a trunk/duffle home, there are two steps. First, please contact the UPS Store in Brevard. (828) 883-4701. Second, please email our office to let us know that you wish to have your trunk/duffle shipped and we will deliver your item(s) to the UPS store on Closing Day.

Second, from the office.  If you are flying home and your son needs a ride to the airport. Be sure to let us know.  Many of you have already alerted us about your flight through the forms process. If you have not, we need to know about the details.

Finally, if you are still interested in the high-definition download for the gallery, just let Darby know in the office.  Her email is office@highrocks.com . The cost is $40.

Our youngest two age groups enjoyed some slip and slide time with a little ice cream kicker tonight.  It’s funny that we have a waterslide, but there is something about a slip & slide.  Each of the groups will have an opportunity to do this for their evening program.

There is a whole lot more action tomorrow!

Have a great night!