Floating on Cloud Nine

The clearest blue sky and cool breeze kicked off an amazing Tuesday here at camp. The sun quickly warmed things up, as did a breakfast of french toast sticks, scrambled eggs, hashbrown casserole, along with some fruits and cereals to round things out.

A mountain biking trip got out early to beat the rush of people to Dupont and was composed of a group of younger riders today, enjoying some of the big trails for the first time! They were back by lunch and looking dirty, proud, and not a little bit winded from their big morning of riding.

With other trips returning today, the main focus of many campers was on completing goals in activities here at camp with just a couple of activity days left. I’ve seen archers putting in additional time at the range, hoping to achieve the Golden Arrow. Groups of canoers are spending free time out in the gates course, also working hard towards achieving entry into decked boats. Campers already in decked boats going for the roll record repeatedly. Climbers tackling that one particular route that has been defeating them all session… It is great to watch what these guys are capable of and determined to do in their third week, knowing where they started just two weeks ago.

Another great thing about camp life is that such laser focus pairs easily with ridiculous fun. Tie dye Tuesday also became Tiger Tuesday this morning (a local sports team) as cultural additions are being made on a near-daily basis by our group of Aides. Age Group 4 ate a hurried (and delicious) Greek lunch before hopping in vans and heading to Section 9 of the French Broad river for an afternoon on some fun and splashy whitewater. I would imagine they return with tales of seeing (one of) Taylor Swift’s houses up high on a mountainside heading down that particular stretch of water. Taylor Swift’s music is a crowd favorite and sung with some serious gusto at just about every opportunity.

With the day rapidly turning hot in the later afternoon, a float day took place along the waterfront for choice period. Relaxed tunes vibed across the water as coke/root beer floats were served to campers who promptly consumed them while also floating in the lake. Not a man amongst them but felt life was pretty good in that moment.

Tonight saw Age Group 1 heading out for their Chill Night experience… somehow doubling down on the ice cream possibilities in a day. Lots of excited chattering about how cold the water might be and what flavors are the best followed the group out of the dining hall and off to the fun.

As always at High Rocks, a day feels so much longer and fuller than a typical day in the outside world, while weeks go by in the blink of an eye. Here we are staring down the last few action-packed days of the session and I cannot believe that closing day is this Friday! May you all enjoy the evening’s pictures and we will see you back here tomorrow.

Woody Noland

Today’s Pictures