It’s All About The Kids

It sure is nice to have everyone back in camp on Saturday.  After a busy week of trips, there are some boys you have not seen for several days in a row. Most activities were running normally with a few added twists here and there.

The weather was the best yet! A nice high-pressure day with lots of sun, breeze, and low humidity.  It was warm and wonderful on the lake, while the breeze kept the athletic areas reasonably cool.

I really enjoyed one of the High Rocks modern classics down at rock climbing. Crate stacking is an acrobatic feat that requires the climber to ascend and stack milk crates as he slowly adds one at a time without letting them tip over. It requires a lot of balance and poise. Some boys were able to get as many as 11 crates. An impressive feat. The pictures tell a lot of the story here.

Hiking enjoyed some car camping days.  Picture a drive-in campground and you probably have the idea.  Lawn games, music, a hillbilly hot tub (pick-up filled with water), and smores around the fire. Add a little music, and it was just nice to be around each other. 

I was out and about most of the day in activities and taking pictures.  It really does give me an opportunity to check in on staff and campers.  Watch the process and enjoy the success.  These boys really are having a great time. It still tickles me how boys try to get your attention.  Of course, I get a lot of “Hey, Don” as I walk about. That’s the “look at me,” do you know my name” phrase. But some guys just use a lot of questions. I usually take to the question with a grain of salt and just say “How is your day going?” or “Tell me what the best thing is about this activity?”  Really, they just want to hang out and feel like they have a connection. When you give them a little of your time, the strange questions go away, and they start thinking a little about the conversation.  Kids are funny! AND when they are asking the random question, they don’t really want an answer per se, they just think you are cool and want to hang out. They want to know you think they are cool too. 

In my other life, I have been on the board of our local Boys and Girls Club for several years. I have served in many positions including President/Chair.  I find it to be my other children’s ministry. When I was board chair, I ended nearly every meeting with “It’s all about the kids.”  Well, it really is all about the kids!  Days like today keep me focused on the mission and the needs of the campers. It’s all about the kids!

That was the bulk of my day today.  Silly questions and fun times. I have the best job ever!

Have a great night. We certainly are!

Don Gentle

Today’s Pictures