It’s All About The Lesson

The flow of camp is already in full force.  Boys are heading out on trips, learning new skills, and making this summer at High Rocks THEIR experience.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the pictures showing all the instruction going on here at High Rocks.  These boys are really learning a lot of new things as well as the usual “muscle memory” tasks to bring them back up to speed from last year.  Mountain biking is one program that takes its time and focuses on many different skills along the way. It’s a lot more than just jumping on a bike and heading down a trail.  That is pretty much the best way to get hurt.  Even the oldest group of boys benefitted from some focused skill development on our grassy campfire hill to work on some cornering before hitting a few laps on one of our many mountain bike trails. The lessons proved to work very well.  I enjoyed watching the guys rip it up through the banked turns and catch some air over the rollers. Of course, our 1000-acre facility makes for a perfect playground for these boys to learn.  The fact that these boys could hit some of our 20 miles of great trails right here in camp without ever having to jump in the van makes a big difference. You can’t beat getting in a solid 50-minute ride right here in camp and then not missing your paddling class.  For me, the magic is in the staff we have here. We have a fantastic leadership group in mountain biking once again this year. Our MTB head has been in place for five years.  He is very involved in our local SORBA (Southeastern Off-road Bicycle Association) chapter and continues to work on his skills throughout the year.  It sure is a great activity here at High Rocks. This is just one of many activities here at camp that have the same spirit and progression. I will try to highlight several of our most popular throughout the session.

Tonight, there was a lot of excitement down at the lake again.  I enjoy hearing the screams of excitement and cheer as age group three (The Ricks) was ripping it up on the waterslide and rope swing. They are right outside my office, so I get to see the action as it happens.  I had to go down and watch for a bit as the boy ere running back and forth from the rope swing and waterslide.  It was a perfect evening for a fun leisure event by the lake. On their way to snack, they all broke out singing the T-Grip song.  It’s a catchy tune the boys at canoeing teach the boys so they learn how to properly hold their paddle. They sang it the whole way to the dining hall… These boys are funny.

Connestee, Lakeside, and Overlook headed out into the woods for the night. I look forward to hearing the stories of their overnight experience.

More fun to come! Enjoy the pictures!


Today’s Pictures