Learning Community

It’s hard to believe that we have passed the halfway point already and only have nine days left of camp.. Our second Waikiki Wednesday was quite delightful. I really enjoy the number of Hawaiian-style shirts that spread throughout the High Rocks community. It was the perfect outfit for a hot summer day. It hit a high of 87 today! That is pretty hot for us, but the night is going to cool down into the 60s. Mountain life is just about perfect. It certainly allowed for great times on the lake. Our hikers even headed out to polar bear falls! I fun little pour-over rock on one of the property streams. the typical tradition is to sit under the cold spring water and scream “I’m a polar bear!” as many times as you can before it is too cold.

We brought out the Gatorade hydration station again today. You could have a cup or a scoop for your water bottle after rest hour today. it was perfectly timed for the toasty afternoon to keep these boys going strong.

While there were a number of trips out, we still had a wonderful time in camp! The boys are still enjoying and learning in their daily activities. Most of the latest learning is in the cabin. Living with six other boys in your cabin is becoming a little more real and there are times when the boys need to work a few situations out. Our evening cabin meetings are a great venue for discussions of concern and even a place to vent about your day. It’s not typically a very long meeting, but it is a time to think about the day and talk about what is on your mind as well as thoughts about tomorrow.  Some counselors have a set plan where they talk about the highs and lows of the day, and then maybe something they are looking forward to in the future.  This is a very important part of creating our community here at High Rocks. It’s also what keeps the roof on the building after living with five to six other guys in a very tight space for three weeks.

Age group 4, The Soggy Doggy’s, headed out for Chill Night this evening! It was a great night for the cold natural waterslide and some local ice cream at Dolly’s.

Be sure to keep writing those letters and emails.  Encourage your boys to write back as well.

Have a great night!


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